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This site is designed to tell you a little about paintball in general and to give you some information about X Fire Paintball. Sorry, but this site is not designed to sell you anything. Hopefully you will find that to be a relief. If you really want to buy paintball equipment we think you should get the feel of it – come visit us at one of our stores and pick out what is best for you. We cater to both the experienced players and those just getting started in the sport.

X Fire Paintball is in its thirteenth year and has two full service paintball stores. We started serving New England Paintballers early in 1998 in Auburn, Massachusetts and added a second store in Nashua, New Hampshire in 2000. We are known for having well stocked stores, knowledgeable staffs and for introducing players to paintball and to tournament play.

XFire Paintball Wins Again

We have over twenty different guns in stock including BT Omegas, Combats, Deltas, Delta Elites and SA-17's, Tippmann guns including 98 Platinums, A-5’s, X7 Phenoms and TRX pistols, DYE guns including Proto Matrix Rails, SLG’s, Piranhas, Spyder Pilots, MR1’s, MR2’s, MR4's, Electra’s and Xtras,, Invert Mini’s, Tiberius T-8’s, EGO’s, Etek’s, plus US Army guns, the Alpha Black Tactical in either camo or black, the Project Salvo and the Carver One. We carry multiple brands of premium paintballs plus paint grenades and paint mines.

Our staff is knowledgeable – every staff member plays – either at the tournament level or recreationally. Additionally, our staff is well trained in paintball technology. Members of the staff have attended Smart Parts’ Factory training in Latrobe, PA; WORR Games Factory Autococker training in Los Angeles, CA; Tippmann Factory Certification Training in Toronto, Canada and Orlando, FL; PCRI and Air Gun Design Training in Washington, DC and Dallas, TX; DYE training on Proto’s, DM’s and SLG’s in Orlando, FL and Atlanta, GA, Paintball Training Institute Classes (Safety, Basic and Advanced Airsmithing) in Pittsburgh, PA and Los Angeles, CA, Spyder training in Atlanta, GA, Rotor loader and Prophecy loader training in Atlanta, GA, Tiberius training in Atlanta, GA and TM-7 and Invert Mini training in Atlanta, GA.

We fill CO2 and Nitrogen (to 4,500psi) using our dual piston Air America Genesis in Auburn or our Mega Booster in Nashua. We stock CO2 tanks in 5 sizes, lots of Nitro tanks, remotes, packs and pouches from single tank pouches, two and three pod ammo carriers to multipod carriers from DYE, Extreme Rage, Empire and others. Ammo boxes – we have the standard 200 round hopper in black and clear, plus Evo’s, Reloader B’s, B2’s, Halo’s with and without Rip drive and with and without V35 boards and, of course, Rotors and Prophecy’s with color kits and speed feeds. Need pods? – we have them - from ten-round tubes to standard 100 round guppies to 140 round tubes in a variety of colors. Got the gear but need something to carry it all? We have gear bags from all the top brands in all sizes.

Need that special accessory to trick out your gun? We have it - from barrels to bolts, from stocks to triggers. We carry a full line of accessories for paintball equipment. No one carries a bigger stock of accessories than X Fire.

Play recreation or scenario ball? We have camo in Woodland, Tiger Stripe, Concrete Jungle, and Smokey Branch plus Black in sizes from XS to XXXL. This is the good stuff, made to Mil Specs – 50/50 cotton/poly, 6-pocket pants and 4-pocket jackets. We even have infant camo and check out our camo women’s skirts and tops and camo swimsuits. We also stock camo belts, bandanas, head wraps, Boonie hats and caps.

Play tourney ball? Got a tourney team and need team uniforms? We can provide team jerseys plus we can provide matching gloves, pants, etc. for the look your team wants on the field. If we don’t have it in stock we can order it for you.

Want to know where and when paintball events are happening? Go to the calendar for a listing of events.

Looking for Air Soft products? We carry a large assortment including spring powered, electric powered and green gas and CO2 powered guns. We also have bb’s - both regular and biodegradeable, targets, holsters, and other accessories for your Air Soft gun.

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FREE AAA Premium Shooter Game

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